Spring Has Arrived

Posted on August 31, 2015 in Home

Spring is one of favorite seasons (just 2nd to Autumn, if you must know), and I like to use it as an excuse to make some changes to my home. Sort of like a “spring cleaning”, but not just necessarily cleaning out of junk, dusting the curtains, etc. I think of it more as a metaphorical spring cleaning, where I can shift things around a bit, get a new perspective, and “change of scenery”. This helps me from falling into ruts and keeps the energy flowing in my life.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to shift things around a bit every so often as well. In this article I want to talk about a few things that you can do you spice up your home this year. Hopefully these will help you renew the enjoyment of your home and stay fresh with a bright outlook on life for the year to come.

Change up your Paint Colors

If you’ve been living with the same color scheme for years, maybe it’s time to change it up, even if it’s in places that you might not expect like a hallway, walk in closet, or bathroom (I recently painted my laundry room to be fresh pastel colors, white and blue, and it is wonderful). This fresh new colors can also be augmented by a fresh new scent. Try a few different scented candles or Glade Plugins to see you if you like the scent.

New scenery and new scents will essentially make the room brand new, even though you didn’t have to go through the process of moving or going on vacation. It really is amazing what a few little changes will do!

Rearrange Your Furniture

Following the same logic as a new paint job, simply rearranging what furniture you currently have will give a brand new outlook on your home and change the way the energy flows through it. This simple process can brighten and refresh your home so you feel nearly brand new. After I painted my laundry room and I also rearranged the layout of it. I purchased new stack able washer/dryers units (read about those here) which allow me to stack them on top of each other, giving a verticality to the layout. This, paired with the fresh paint job, made me feel like I was in a brand new house every time I did laundry (which was quite often, actually).

Plant New Gardens

Stepping out of the interior of the house and focusing on the exterior can also have the same affect. If you have a yard or a porch, consider including some extra plant life. Conversely, if you have plenty of plant life, consider either rearranging it or pruning it to make it more efficient and clean. These little things can change the energy flow (I keep saying this, and it’s true, the “chi” or “feng shui” of a place is very real) and help you to brighten up your home for the year to come.

We hope these little tips have provided some use for you and your family during this coming spring season. If you make these changes and feel like sharing your experience, please drop us a line!