The Indulgent Weekend

Yes, you can be TRULY indulgent in Stanford! This is the home of award-winning cheeses, wines and restaurants.

Enjoy delicious food made with fresh ingredients by excellent chefs in a variety of restaurants, including one of the top 100 in the country. Come experience incredible country cakes at coffee shops and head for Klein River Cheese for a feast of cheese.

Be sure to taste their internationally acclaimed Gruyere!

There is a great selection of restaurants in and around Stanford. Hermanus and area is full of restaurants – anything you are particularly looking to eat, ask us and we will know where to direct you. Why not go wine tasting at the numerous wineries in this area. Somehow a taste of days gone by brings out the romantic in most of us

and you’ll find your weekend here peppered with many glimpses of yesteryear. From the historical buildings to a collection of shops brimming with antiques and old-fashioned bric-a-brac, and townsfolk who have all the time in the world – the setting is perfect. Despite its recent growth, Stanford still exudes that olde world village charm, and is as peaceful as ever.

You find yourself relaxed from the moment you arrive and can spend the weekend doing absolutely nothing except soaking up the tranquility around you.