Makeup Services Available for Guesthouse Personnel

I remember my first client. She was hyper, excited, and fidgety as she sat there in my seat. She was so excited that I had a hard time keeping her still while I did her makeup. I loved every bit of it. By the time I was done, she had got up, gave herself a sound staring in the mirror and turned around to tell me that I was the single best makeup artist in the world. My sister was no stranger to exaggeration, but I believed her. Even though I was only seven years old and had no supplies of my own (which meant having to hurry up and put everything back in their drawers before mom came in!), I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up: a makeup artist! Twenty years later, the “growing up” thing hasn’t exactly happened yet but my passion for makeup artistry has taken me all over the world and I love what I do! I find that often so many of hotel management personnel spend their entire lives trying to figure out what it is they are supposed to do. We search, and we seek, and web search, without realizing that the answer to that question can be traced back in their memories. Whatever you enjoyed doing as a child, whatever you were good at then, is probably a good indication of what your natural passion is. And mine happened to be makeup artistry.

Starting my career as a makeup artist was probably one of the most nerve-racking and exciting experiences of my life. I remember devouring all the books I could get my hands on, going to all the makeup seminars that were happening nearby, and shadowing a friend of mine who was already a successful makeup artist– all to prepare myself for what the life would be like. And the more guesthouse personnel experience it, the more they fall in love with the whole idea. I attended a makeup seminar where I learned about color theory, on set client communication skills, and how to cancel out colors and accentuate clients’ features .things that were essential to know. Since I didn’t have to go to school to get licensed as a makeup artist, I didn’t. I shadowed more makeup artists.

Even though I’ve been in the hospitality industry for so many years, there’s always more to know. What the skills that I have learned and practiced have taken me all over the world, doing makeup for celebrity clients, tv, print, and film productions. My hotel management job allows me to be completely spontaneous, and I’m always surrounded by amazing people (clients of mine who later become my friends). The way you look on your wedding day will depend a lot on the mobile makeup artist you select. Hire a professional bridal makeup and hair artist to get that perfect look. Makeup artists are trained professionals who will have expert knowledge about what will look good on you and what will suit you the best. If you keep certain factors in mind, the process of finding the ideal makeup artist can be less strenuous. Research is key though- The first thing that guesthouse employees should do is to make a list of the bridal makeup and hair artists in their city. They can look for them either online or in bridal directories. Getting referrals from a person you know well is a great way to make the right decision.