A Beautiful Home

Property Management and Sales Agency

South Africa has so many beautiful properties for sale. It is up to you to choose the city you would like to settle in. Affordability also places a role in making buying decisions.

There are many nature-filled areas free from the sound and smoke pollution, and beautiful country sides in the country close to tourist attractions. Or one can seek guidance from the property management agency before making any decisions to buy, build or let.

The countryside is more affordable plus it is more peaceful and cleaner than the big cities. Most South African families have homes in the countryside where they go for holidays or when they want a break from the busy lives of the big cities.

Accommodation is a must have for everyone, same as saying the shelter is a necessity. There are three options one can explore which are:

First option: Building your home can be such a thrill if you have saved up enough funds to support your project. Running around for the building material, and making decisions on what exactly you require to have the result. Knowing this is your baby from the start, you made this home from nothing takes a lot of courage, effort and dedication. But at the end of it all it is an investment and feels good knowing you have accommodation available.

Second Option: You can decide to buy a house that is fully prepared for occupation. It completely cuts out all the stresses of looking for a house plan, building material and taking care of the contractors, eyeing that everything is done according to the municipality’s regulations. The beauty of this as well is that you are still committed and want to have responsibility for what you own.

Third option: If you do not want to have full commitments that homeowners have, one can decide only to rent accommodation for the specified time, but first get advise from the property management experts. It is ideal when an individual prefers the nomadic lifestyle or when one cannot afford the above two options. Sometimes being a tenant is not always rosy. As a tenant, you spend so much on rent and when you think of it, your annual rental expenses can afford you a year’s bond on a house.

It does not matter what your choice is, every choice has its stresses and responsibilities. You are still responsible for the property that you occupy, and you need to take care of it or else, repairs may need to be done by yourself or charged on your account.

It’s worth bearing in mind that beautiful and comfortable accommodations come with options for sanitation. South Africa does not have water problems, but one can still buy water pumps for an irrigation system to keep the garden green. This saves you from paying huge water bills.

South African residences are only aware of electricity shortages or power cuts. It is advisable to have your electricity from the municipality but do not forget to have a backup power option in case of load shedding. Always be prepared for that horrible moment especially in winter or during the rainy season. P

While you are at it, also get electrical generator spare parts or components you need to avoid last minute hustles. If you are not sure of the type and size, speak with a sales person or advisor at the supplier or wholesaler.